Can Music Influence Your Mood?

The song you listen to can affect your temperament for the positive and sometimes, for

The song you listen to can affect your temperament for the positive and sometimes, for the negative. It can make you sad and sorrowful or joyful and happy. Research has shown that it doesn’t just stop at affecting the mood; it can change your perception of the world. Music can relieve you of anxiety and boost happiness. Summarily, you can consider music as therapy for the troubled mind; you can reflect on it as a supplement to the love-filled heart; you can ponder on it as medicine to the soul. Whatever way you choose to view it, you will realise that it holds profound influence on our behaviours and actions.

This is arguable, but the truth is that for music to affect you significantly, you must understand and relate with your emotions. We connect with many songs more than others because they communicate with what we feel. Some songs remind you of a lost relative, of lost love, of love gained, of opportunities lost or gained, of happy or sad moments. These songs resurrect buried emotions, and you tend to be moved by the lyrics.

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What Are The Benefits Of Music In Respective Situations?

1.   It is a friend, no matter the situation

Why do people relate to music? Why would someone who is sad turn up a mellow and sad song to keep himself or herself company? Why would someone, who is happy, play a happy tune as an accompaniment? This is because, as social beings which we are, we always require a friend. A friend to celebrate your successes and joys; a friend to succour you in times of pain and sorrow. People see music as that friend in these situations.

The lines of the songs relate to their present mood and comfort them in any of these occasions. Research shows that the intent of people listening to a piece of sad music, when they are sad, is to help them overcome their negative feelings rather than prolong it. It makes you feel better and stronger, especially at the moments you desperately need optimistic emotions.

2.   It helps you to challenge yourself when you need a push

Just the way you use music to validate your emotions, you can use it to challenge your moods and yourself. When you listen to upbeat music, you are guaranteed happier moods. If you need a push, a piece of music can serve to guide you in the right direction and remove the plaguing doubt that could be clouding your mind.

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