Government to examine sale of computer chip design firm Arm to US company Nvidia

The Government is examining the sale of UK-based computer chip design firm Arm to US tech giant Nvidia, with Boris Johnson taking a personal interest in the deal, his spokesman said.

Earlier on Monday, it was announced that the firm is to be bought by the US graphics chip maker in a deal worth 40 billion dollars (£31.2 billion).

Nvidia has pledged to keep Arm’s headquarters in Cambridge while also promising to expand on Arm’s work to build a “world-class” technology centre.

Arm is best known as the designer of processor chips used in most major smartphones – including Apple and Samsung – as well as other devices such as laptops.

Now the Government has confirmed it will examine the deal closely in order to understand its impact on the UK and the economy.

“We recognise the vital role Arm plays in the UK’s tech sector and its significant contribution

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Giant robotic scorpion could be the ultimate gaming computer rig

a person sitting on a chair: MailOnline logo

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It may look and move like a scorpion, but this $3,999 chair is the ultimate gaming and work station.

A US firm unveiled the Scorpion Computer Cockpit that is powered with a push of a button, allowing the user to transform the design to fit their needs.

The ‘tail’ moves from the back of the chair overhead to become a screen mount that holds up to three displays and owners can choose to sit upright or lie down to take a break.

Stretching nearly five and a half feet long, it is also equipped with a massage and heating feature so ‘can enjoy some quality time while you’re making yourself look like the ultimate villain.’

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a person sitting on a chair in front of a curtain: It may look and move like a scorpion, but this $3,999 chair is the ultimate gaming or work station. A US firm unveiled the Scorpion Computer Cockpit that is powered with a push of a button, allowing the user to transform the design to fit their needs

© Provided by Daily Mail
It may look and move like a scorpion, but this $3,999 chair is the ultimate gaming or work station.

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Verify: Can laptops and tablets record you 24/7? School provided

Posts are popping up from around the country about whether school-provided laptops and tablets could be recording around the clock. Here’s a breakdown.

Is it technologically possible for a school-provided computer or tablet to be recording 24/7?

Yes, it’s possible for someone with administrative access to a device to install software that could remotely record.

While it is possible, the Verify team has not heard of any instances of this out-of-class recording happening here in the D.C. Metro region.

Dave Levin, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland

Chad Marlow, Senior Advocacy and Policy Counsel at ACLU

COVID-19 means students across the country are learning from home, but some people online say distance learning comes with its own risks.

A post with more than 71,000 shares claims that school-provided tablets and laptops are capable of recording students when they are not in class.

Did you all know

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Blue light from a computer or phone can age the skin as badly as the midday Sun

Leading Optometrist, Dhruvin Patel is a specialist in the impact of blue light on eye health – that is light produced by phone and computer screens. 

Blue Light can make it harder to fall asleep and have an impact on the health of eyes

Researchers say exposure to blue light could increase the risk of damage to eyesight and make it harder to fall asleep.

Patel shared his tips for minimising the impact from blue light while working from home or using screens. 

1. Work an arm’s length from the screen

Fully extend your arm and work from a distance – looking from your eyes to the end of your fingertips. 

Use this as a minimum distance to reduce the stress on your eyeballs. 

2. 20/20/20 

Simply put, every 20 minutes, look away from the screen for a minimum of 20 seconds at least 20 feet away. 

This will help

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Sarasota tech group seeks computer donations for people in need

Sarasota nonprofit that fixes up and donates computers and more is in need of contributions

Emily Wunderlich
| Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Mike Hutchinson and other volunteers at the Suncoast Technology Users Group are accustomed to turning old technology into problems solved. 

But now they’re faced with a new problem: not enough technology to circulate back into the community.

The Sarasota-based nonprofit refurbishes and donates roughly 1,200 computers to people in need every year. This year, STUG has donated roughly half as many due to low numbers of requests and donations.

More: Read more stories about digital access for people in Sarasota-Manatee

Hutchinson says that schools, businesses and nonprofits are usually the organization’s biggest hardware contributors. But as more students and families become reliant on their computers to learn and work from home, those contributions have slowed. 

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, roughly 10% of households

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Coronavirus: Scientists develop new tool to monitor virus mutations

Scientists assessed the genome data of more than 1,20,000 samples of the novel coronavirus, and have developed a new tool to monitor mutations in the virus that may make it difficult to develop vaccines and drugs for COVID-19. According to the researchers, including those from the University of Melbourne in Australia, ensuring treatments remain effective as the virus mutates is a huge challenge for scientists across the world.

They explained that mutations in an organism’s genetic material are natural ‘errors’ in the cell replication process that may give the virus new ‘powers’ of survival, infectivity, and virulence.

The new tool, dubbed COVID-3D and described in the journal Nature Genetics, harnesses genomic and protein information about the virus and its mutations to aid drug and vaccine development.

It contains information about all the protein structures that coincide with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2’s genome, including every known genetic mutation and its resultant

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Chicago Public Schools begins a new year amid scramble to get all students connected for remote learning

Surrounded by four computer monitors, Nightingale Elementary teacher Lauren Kullman joked that she felt like she was producing the Emmys. But it was just the first day of school.

Javier Lopez, 8, a Chicago Public School student at Skinner North Classical Elementary School, raises his hand to answer a question on the first day of remote learning at his Chicago home Tuesday.

© Jos M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune/Chicago Tribune/TNS
Javier Lopez, 8, a Chicago Public School student at Skinner North Classical Elementary School, raises his hand to answer a question on the first day of remote learning at his Chicago home Tuesday.

As Chicago Public Schools on Tuesday began fall quarter with remote learning, most educators were teaching from their homes, though some went to school buildings in order to stream lessons from their classrooms.

Kullman is married to a special education teacher, and the couple has a 5-year-old starting kindergarten along with a younger child.

“Our house is embracing the chaos,” she said Tuesday. “… We are just so grateful that we are remote. The challenges we will face are

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Storelift launches autonomous convenience stores using AI and computer vision

As physical retail struggles amid the global pandemic, storeowners are rapidly trying to adapt to new realities that also include growing competition from Amazon. But a French startup called Storelift believes it can create a new convenience store concept that leans on many of the same AI and computer vision tools used in Amazon Go stores to reinvent the shopping and checkout experience.

This week, Storelift announced that it has launched its first two stores under the name “Boxy.” The Boxy stores are repurposed shipping containers that can be plopped down in various urban neighborhoods that lack good shopping options.

The founders believe their approach demonstrates how businesses can exploit new shopping niches with the help of sensors, data, and AI that allows them to optimize their inventory and reduce costs.

“Our vision is really to address all the city areas where there are 10,000 people who have no convenience

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Entrepreneur donates brain-computer company to Tufts

“I want to make sure, given my science background, that we’re focused on doing good and not harm,” said Stibel, cofounder of the venture capital firm Bryant Stibel, whose partners included the late basketball star Kobe Bryant.

BrainGate is based on research conducted at Brown University, where Stibel earned a master’s degree in cognitive science. It uses electrodes implanted in the brain to intercept and translate a person’s thoughts into signals that can control machines. The goal is to allow disabled people to use a robotic arm or transmit text messages over a smartphone, just by thinking about it.

“It is very much mind-reading,” Stibel said. “We are able to interpret signals of the human brain and translate that into output.”

The company has not brought products to market yet. It has been funded through grants from major universities that work with BrainGate on research projects.

But Stibel said brain-computer

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Get the low prices on PCs, monitors, and more during HP’s Labor Day sale

Ready for a new computer? Or ready to just get a new accessory for your current machine? Well, it’s Labor Day, and you know what that means… Labor Day sales! Right now is the time to save on everything HP with a huge Labor Day sale going on at the HP website that includes low prices on everything from computers to printers to monitors. The deals include some bundles and packages that can help you save even more (like when you buy a discounted laptop you can get 15% off an extra accessory) and other nice incentives like free shipping.

There are so many options available in this sale, you’ve got to ask yourself What do I need? before heading into it. Because if you’re not picky, you’ve got hundreds of ways to save. You can just take a glance at the top deals available, but then HP breaks it

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