Verily’s new insurance subsidiary will leverage its health gadgets

Alphabet’s Verily has announced plans to launch Coefficient, a health insurance subsidiary that will eventually leverage Verily’s various technologies and health-related devices. The insurance subsidiary will be backed by Swiss Re Group’s Swiss Re Corporate Solutions commercial insurance unit. According to Verily, its Coefficient will, among other things, offer ‘novel insurance and payment models.’

Verily Life Sciences is a health-centric business owned by Alphabet. In an announcement on Tuesday, the company said that it is launching its Coefficient insurance subsidiary to offer stop-loss insurance for employers, meaning they’ll get reimbursed for money spent toward employee health claims beyond a certain pre-determined amount.

Coefficient will, according to Verily, offer a ‘data-driven model that is unique in the traditional employer stop-loss market.’ The precision risk data-driven solution will take advantage of Verily’s data science, as well as its hardware and software products, to offer customers what the company says is ‘more predictable

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Conekt Gadgets Launches New Products in India

Hyderabad, Telangana, India (NewsVoir) Conekt Gadgets, developers of smartphone peripherals and accessories, today, announced its new set of offerings into India’s accessories market. In August 2018 Rohit Sharma, an Indian international cricketer hired as Brand ambassador unveiled the brand and took wraps off its highly anticipated product line and in last year company renewed him as brand ambassador till 2021 December.

The company launched portable bluetooth speakers – Spin, Sparkle and Hurrikane, Bluetooth neckbands BOUNCE 3 and BOUNCE 3 Pro, travel Adaptors Dash QC3 Micro, Dash QC3 type-C, Dash QC3 Lightning, Power Banks Zeal Spark, Zeal QC3 and Zeal Pulse.

Mr. Pradeep Yerraguntla, COO Conekt Gadgets said, “Suited to a youthful lifestyle, new products launched today are a perfect amalgamation of Performance and style. At present we are available in 10000 Mobile retail counters across India and selling around 500k units sales per month with the current growth rate by

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scientists developed a new way to charge gadgets

MOSCOW, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Scientists from NUST MISIS have developed a new type of energy-efficient devices – thermocells that convert heat into energy. This will make possible creation of portable batteries that can be applied to virtually any surface, including clothing, to generate electricity directly from the surface of the body. The results are presented in the Renewable Energy journal.

Thermoelectricity – electricity obtained from heat due to temperature potential differences – is one of the most promising areas of “green energy”. This potential difference (the so-called temperature gradients) surrounds us everywhere – a building heated in the sun, a working transport, even the heat of the human body. The problem is that the modern thermoelectrochemical cells (thermocells) have a rather low output power.

Scientists from NUST MISIS have found solutions to this problem by developing a new type of thermocell consisting of metal oxide electrodes and

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Samsung’s new Trio pad wirelessly charges 3 gadgets at once

Samsung has revealed a new triple charging pad, with the Wireless Charger Trio aiming to keep not only only your phone but your accessories topped up more easily. The sleek desk charger may not be quite as clever as Apple’s AirPower promised to be, but the difference is Samsung is actually going to ship its version.

Rather than allowing you to position your devices anywhere you like atop the Wireless Charger Trio’s surface, there are delineated positions for each to sit on. The man surface as room for two items – such as your phone and a set of wireless earbuds in their charging case, like the Galaxy Buds Live for example.

On the right, meanwhile, there’s a slight dimple in the charging surface, which is intended for a smartwatch to sit in place. Obviously Samsung would prefer it if you used that for the latest Galaxy Watch 3. Three

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New wireless charging tech lets you drop up to three gadgets anywhere on this pad to charge them at the same time

If you’ve ever used a wireless charger, you know there’s exactly one place you can put your phone on it to work. Now, a new type of wireless charging technology is hitting the market and it’s more effortless than ever.

“People have generally not had a great experience with wireless charging,” explained Noah Dentzel, CEO and co-founder of Nomad. The company is known for its high-quality mobile accessories.

Recently, I visited Nomad’s headquarters in Santa Barbara to check out a new device called Base Station Pro.

Noah Dentzel, CEO and Co-founder of Nomad

“As you’d imagine, you just drop your phone down, and then it starts charging,” says Dentzel. The entire surface is a charge. Not only can you lay your phone anywhere, but it can charge up to three devices at once.

“What this is all about is assurance and reliability. Put it on there, you’re going to wake

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Rumours, new features and upgrades coming to Apple’s smartwatch

a bunch of items that are on a table

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September means one thing in the tech world: new gadgets. While last week’s IFA conference was a physical event, all eyes are on Apple as to whether it will be holding its famous new product launch event digitally, or resorting to the press release route.

One product which may not get a big launch announcement is the new Apple Watch Series 6. According to serious tech leaker John Prosser, Apple could resort to announcing the new Apple Watch this week via a press release.

Prosser believes Apple is set to reveal the new Watch tomorrow (September 8) at 2pm BST or 9am EST, though this could be set to change.

Here’s everything we know so far about the next Apple Watch, from features, to design, and that all-important sales date.

Apple Watch Series 6: design rumours

Not too much has changed with the Apple

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Digitogy Introduces New Gadget Services Provided To Both Online And Offline Markets

Digitogy is already operating in multiple international markets delivering ‘out of the ordinary gadgets’ that help people solve technical problems, issues with the body, and awkward exercise movements. The service and brand name is already well established across most of Europe serving the UK, French, and German consumers.

Digitogy’s CEO proudly said in a statement “Today is another proud day for our firm as we expand into yet another new international market delivering our gadgets via what we hope to eventually be a borderless service that reaches all corners of the globe.

The company has been extremely successful via its eComm services. Easy ordering, guaranteed stock, and fast delivery anywhere nationwide within the counties that Digitogy operates in. Adding to this the company adds value to its services with long extended warranties, free returns, and excellent aftersales support.

Our success is largely down to the fact that

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Your guide to a trio of new trackers

Fitbit has a trio of new devices, each one aimed at providing you with varying levels of health information and insight. In some cases, that means new types of information we haven’t seen in a wearable as of yet. Take the new Fitbit Sense, which has a dedicated EDA (that stands for “electrodermal activity”) app that measures your body’s reaction to stress. Something we think we can all use and appreciate right about now.

a close up of a man

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The third-generation Versa 3 smartwatch and the Inspire 2 fitness band round out Fitbit’s 2020 holiday lineup. The Sense will sell for $329.95, the Versa 3 for $229.95 and the Inspire 2 for $99.95. All three are available to preorder, with deliveries beginning in late September.


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But before you click on a link and try to buy a shiny new gadget, let’s take a closer look at the three new devices.


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Amazon gets into health tracking now with wearable gadget, challenges Apple & Fitbit

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Los Angeles: Inc. introduced a wearable fitness gadget called the Halo Band, entering the market for health monitoring devices dominated by Apple Inc. and Fitbit Inc.

The wrist band uses what Amazon describes as artificial intelligence software to monitor a range of personal wellness metrics, from physical activity to sleep and even mood. The device’s features include 3D scans for body fat and voice-tone detection to analyze emotion. The related Halo service will come with an app, and users will be able to connect their accounts to third-party programs to further monitor weight and health.

Amazon started a gadget business with its Kindle e-readers more than a decade ago. Today the company is among the largest sellers of consumer electronics in the U.S., led by Echo smart speakers and Fire TV streaming devices. Much of that unit’s activity in recent years has been geared

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The High Risk Heroics Behind Making Sure You Get New Gadgets This Fall

For as long as consumer electronics have been tied to the holiday season cycle, engineering heroism is what got those devices on shelves. There is incredible pressure to deliver high quality devices, in abundant quantity, on schedule in order to meet revenue targets. To make it happen, engineers become heroes: last-minute flights, all-nighters, hand carries, and strokes of genius are all baked into these epic deliveries. I was an engineer at Apple
for nearly six years, delivering four different products, and the stories of last minute heroics were lauded, told and retold. Heroism is a great way to motivate engineers, but is a terrible risk for companies relying on new gadget sales to make their annual revenue targets.

When I was a hardware leader, I never considered how much risk these heroics added to our programs.

In normal times, August is when engineering and manufacturing teams put the

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