Amazon gets into health tracking now with wearable gadget, challenges Apple & Fitbit

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Los Angeles: Inc. introduced a wearable fitness gadget called the Halo Band, entering the market for health monitoring devices dominated by Apple Inc. and Fitbit Inc.

The wrist band uses what Amazon describes as artificial intelligence software to monitor a range of personal wellness metrics, from physical activity to sleep and even mood. The device’s features include 3D scans for body fat and voice-tone detection to analyze emotion. The related Halo service will come with an app, and users will be able to connect their accounts to third-party programs to further monitor weight and health.

Amazon started a gadget business with its Kindle e-readers more than a decade ago. Today the company is among the largest sellers of consumer electronics in the U.S., led by Echo smart speakers and Fire TV streaming devices. Much of that unit’s activity in recent years has been geared

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The High Risk Heroics Behind Making Sure You Get New Gadgets This Fall

For as long as consumer electronics have been tied to the holiday season cycle, engineering heroism is what got those devices on shelves. There is incredible pressure to deliver high quality devices, in abundant quantity, on schedule in order to meet revenue targets. To make it happen, engineers become heroes: last-minute flights, all-nighters, hand carries, and strokes of genius are all baked into these epic deliveries. I was an engineer at Apple
for nearly six years, delivering four different products, and the stories of last minute heroics were lauded, told and retold. Heroism is a great way to motivate engineers, but is a terrible risk for companies relying on new gadget sales to make their annual revenue targets.

When I was a hardware leader, I never considered how much risk these heroics added to our programs.

In normal times, August is when engineering and manufacturing teams put the

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Best Batman gadgets of all time

Batman is known as the ultimate ‘man with a plan’ – an ultra-prepared, impeccably skilled, unflappably cool crimefighter who always has the right tool for the job.

And when we say tools, we mean the arsenal of groovy gadgets Batman keeps stashed away for just the right occasion – from Batarangs, to grappling hooks, to Bat-shark repellent and beyond – some of which are just as iconic as the Caped Crusader himself.

So without further ado, here are the ten best Bat-Gadgets of all time!

Utility Belt

(Image credit: DC)

Where does he get those wonderful toys? Well, once Batman is out in the field, he gets the grand majority of them from his Utility Belt.

How exactly he holds everything in this strapped-on wonder of pouches and pellets is a mystery that Batman will never reveal, but this is without a double the handiest accessory in all of comic

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Sharp HealthCare first to deploy Amazon’s new health wearable

Amazon on Thursday unveiled a new health gadget, dubbed the Amazon Halo Band, with plans already underway to distribute the wearable device to some patients at Sharp HealthCare in San Diego.

Cerner Corp. customers, such as Sharp HealthCare, will be able to let patients share data from the wearable into their medical record—the latest step in a partnership with Amazon that Cerner announced last summer.

Sharp HealthCare will be the first health system to implement Amazon Halo, the tech company’s new health tracking product. Amazon Halo comprises a wearable wristband that tracks wearers’ exercise activity, heart rate, sleep and body fat percentage, as well as an app that analyzes users’ data to provide health insights as part of a monthly subscription.

Amazon officials say one of the company’s priorities for the service is giving users “actionable” information, in part through offering access to challenges and workouts developed by partners like

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Amazon’s Halo health wearable judges your voice and your body

The Halo is a $100 wrist-worn device that, among other functions, listens to your conversations so you can understand how you sound to others. And it comes with a companion app that scans your body three-dimensionally to track your progress gaining your “quarantine 15.”

Amazon is upfront about these invasive functions, which users of the Halo have to opt into using. What’s revealing is that one of tech’s biggest companies thinks consumers in 2020 might want them.

Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post, but I review all tech with the same critical eye. Amazon declined to let me speak with an executive about the product, and it didn’t offer me the chance to get my hands on one for first impressions. (Anyone can sign up for the product’s waiting list, and I did. Hope they pick me!)

It makes sense that Amazon wants to push into health.

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Here’s what’s new in season 3 of Rainbow Six Siege Year 5: Operation Shadow Legacy

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Ubisoft has revealed more details about the third season of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Year 5: Operation Shadow Legacy.

We already knew that Splinter Cell star Sam Fisher was coming out of retirement to be the next Rainbow Six: Siege playable character, codenamed Zero, but now Ubisoft has dropped more information about the upcoming season.

Fisher is an Attacker equipped with a new gadget, the Argus Launcher, which is described as a two-way drill camera that can “pierce soft or reinforced walls, windows, and hatches or stick to any surface”. 

“Once in the camera, the Attacker can rotate the camera’s vision to see the other side of the wall,” Ubisoft explains. “Each camera is equipped with one laser charge, usable to deal damages to Defenders or destroy gadgets. Sam Fisher is also coming with his unique weapon the SC3000K & melee weapon: the Karambit.”

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‘PUBG Mobile’ is getting a massive update and new esports tournament

The livestream mostly kept mum about new gameplay details; But it did promise a “mysterious surprise” that will be kept under wraps until the update goes live.

When it comes to its esports tournament, PUBG Mobile will be combining the existing World League and World Championship into one large “mega event,” said James Yang, Director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports. Pro teams from regions around the world will compete in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, to be held in November. Due to coronavirus conditions influencing the unprecedented nature of the tournament, Yang said, this season has been dubbed “season zero.” The prize pool will be worth $2 million — the most PUBG Mobile has ever paid out.

PUBG Mobile earned $1.3 billion in 2019, according to data from Sensor Tower. Many businesses have taken a hit this year due to the pandemic, but games have still been selling. Playerunknown’s

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Here’s who’s getting Rainbow Six Siege’s new hard breaching gadget

Attacking team composition in Rainbow Six Siege has, for years now, depended largely on the choice of who to bring along as a hard breacher, particularly for certain bomb sites. Teams on offense know that they’ll need a Thermite, Hibana, Ace, or Maverick if they’re going to get through reinforced walls. With Operation Shadow Legacy, that’s about to change: now, eight more attackers will have the option to bring a hard breaching gadget along with them.

The hard breach charge gadget was revealed at the Six August 2020 Major. It’s an optional secondary gadget that creates a hole big enough to crawl or vault through. It takes three seconds to set up, and six more to set off, so it’s not as though it’s as good as the options available to the dedicated hard breacher operators. But according to the latest batch of Designer’s Notes from the Siege team, the

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New iPhones keep their resale value the best, followed by these other phones

We’ve got fresh 2020 data on which phones are holding their value and which phones aren’t – useful information if you think you might want to trade your current handset in for a newer model in the near future.

A new annual report put together by cash-for-gadgets enterprise MusicMagpie is based on trade-in data collected from its own deals with customers. As well as showing which handsets hold their value, the report also gives some hints about when the best time to upgrade might be.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the Apple iPhones that lose value the slowest – 43% on average after the first year, and 61% after the second year. Samsung is in second place, with its handsets dropping in value 64% on average after 12 months and 76% after 24 months.

OnePlus phones, in comparison, see an average drop of 64% in the first year and 81% across two years.

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Mayor Isko turns over P1B worth of learning gadgets, SIM cards to Division of City Schools

Mayor Isko turns over P1B worth of learning gadgets, SIM cards to Division of City Schools

The Manila city government on Monday turned over thousands of gadgets and connectivity devices to the Division of City Schools (DCS)-Manila in preparation for the new blended distant learning setup. 

(Manila PIO)

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso turned over 110,700 tablets; 11,000 laptops; 11,000 pocket WiFi; and 286,000 SIM cards with a monthly allotment of 10 GB bandwidth to DCS-Manila Superintendent Maria Magdalena Lim. 

The Manila Public Information Office (MPIO) said the distribution of the devices, worth over P1 billion, will be distributed to students and teachers starting Wednesday.

Domagoso said they are on schedule with regard to the distribution of the gadgets to students and teachers before Academic Year 2020-2021 opens on

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