Best home security systems of 2020: Live monitoring, DIY kits, video doorbells and more


Chris Monroe/CNET

The home security industry is booming after about 10 years of app-enabled upheaval. There’s a new wave of less expensive DIY systems, cameras, smart locks and video doorbells to consider alongside the professional alarm and monitoring system options that have been around for decades. Big names in tech like Amazon and Google want a part of the action, too.

It’s admittedly quite a bit to take in — and today’s home security providers don’t necessarily always make it easy to comparison shop, to say the least. 

That’s where we come in, though — not only by putting these systems and their best features to the test at the CNET Smart Home, but by evaluating the whole buying process, as well. We look at other important factors, too —

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Fast Broadband From Orbit? New Data Says SpaceX Can Do It

Elon Musk wants to surround the Earth with a constellation of internet satellites, providing fast, low-latency broadband internet service to every person on Earth who wants it. New data from suggests that he’s well on his way to doing just that. 

Earth surrounded by an image representing an Internet satellite network

Image source: Getty Images.

Facts and figures

Musk has already made progress toward this goal. SpaceX’s 11th “Starlink” launch Tuesday put 58 more internet broadband satellites in orbit, growing the number of functioning satellites to probably 650 or 660 sats. (Each Starlink launch can carry 60 satellites, but the company has recently been giving up a few slots on each mission to customers seeking rideshares to orbit.) 

Tuesday’s launch marked SpaceX’s 98th launch, and its 95th Falcon 9 launch. After delivering its payload, the Falcon 9’s first stage landed back on Earth — SpaceX’s 57th such successful landing. (The specific booster that launched and landed has now made

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New world record set! Fastest internet is faster than you could imagine

Now, while some us of are still struggling to play a 4K video or streaming live matches without delays, a new record has been set for world’s fastest internet. Engineers at University College London (UCL) set a new world record for the fastest internet in the world. The recently developed technology can download at a speed of 178 Terabits (TB) per second which is equivalent to 1,78,000 Gbps.

For those who are unfamiliar with the internet speeds, this is enough to download the entire Netflix library in less than a second. It would also take less than an hour to download the data that was combined to make the world’s first image of a black hole. The data to achieve this feat was shipped to an MIT observatory, stored on half a ton of hard drives. 

In order to achieve the lightning-fast speed, London-based researchers sent data through much wider

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Best New Music This Week: Drake, Internet Money, Cousin Stizz, and More

This is a great week for new releases. Drake just dropped “Laugh Now Cry Later” featuring a memorable verse from Lil Durk. The track serves as the lead single from his upcoming album Certified Lover Boy.  Internet Money recruited Don Toliver, Gunna, and NAV for their latest single, “Lemonade.” Cousin Stizz also released two tracks today including the fan favorite “Mac Roni.” The OG rappers also dropped something off for their fans: Nas is prepping for his forthcoming project with “Ultra Black,” while Snoop Dogg pays homage to Nipsey Hussle one day before what would have been the late rapper’s 35th birthday. Sleepy Hallow, Sheff G, Kaash Paige, and more also made this week’s list. 

Check out the best new music of the week below. And be sure to follow our playlist on Spotify for more updates here.

Drake f/ Lil Durk, “Laugh Now Cry Later”

“Laugh Now Cry

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New Orleans schools, internet providers working to get students online fast

NOLA Public Schools has a laptop available for every student with around 16,000 hot spots purchased for students who need internet access.

NEW ORLEANS — Students in New Orleans and in other parts of the state will begin the school year virtually. That means they’ll all need access to internet.

“At the start of the school year, we’re entirely virtual,” said Allison Lowe, principal of Akili Academy of New Orleans. 

Akili is one of several schools that partnered with Verizon to provide Chrome Books to all students. They’re all equipped with internet for grades 5 through 8. 

“It is the game changer,” Lowe said. “Being able to have internet already in the computers ready to go, were able to make sure all our families are connected and ready to learn.”

NOLA Public Schools has a laptop available for every student with around 16,000 hot spots purchased for students who need

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The Smart Way To Profit Off The “Internet Of Things”

GOOGL) just made a statement. On August 3, Google announced that it’s investing $450 million in home security company ADT Corp (ADT). The investment will give Google a 6.6% stake in the company.” data-reactid=”12″Google (GOOGL) just made a statement. On August 3, Google announced that it’s investing $450 million in home security company ADT Corp (ADT). The investment will give Google a 6.6% stake in the company.

Investors who see where this is headed stand to make a fortune. But only if they know how to play it. And it’s not Google. The two stocks I’ll share with you today offer much

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Learn internet safety for back-to-school – The Item –

Several school districts may be picking up where they left off in March when many schools in the country suddenly shut down due to concerns over coronavirus. Now, as people approach the beginning of the school year, teachers, administrators and families are adapting to an unusual first day of school, and many schools have a focus on online learning. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) encourages everyone to stay safe while online and avoid being easy targets for online scammers.

Parents: Be careful

Creating accounts on websites without permission: Social media sites are ripe with strangers with intentions that may be quite different than yours. Many sites are designed to collect and sell unauthorized user details and behaviors to advertisers looking to engage in targeted marketing. When creating an account, some children may falsely create a birthdate to meet the minimum age requirement. Know what your child is doing online, and

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3 of the Best Internet Commerce Stocks to Buy

InvestorPlace – Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips

With millions of Americans locked up inside their homes due to the novel coronavirus, e-commerce has surged to new heights. In fact, according to an Adobe report, the pandemic has stimulated growth in the sector by at least 4 to 6 years. These developments have compelled investors to research the best internet commerce stocks to buy.

Additionally, e-commerce is expanding to areas which previously seemed like a distant reality. For example, online grocery shopping is gaining traction. Delivery services such as Postmates and Grubhub (NYSE:GRUB) have witnessed a significant increase in food orders and on-demand goods. Moreover, smaller retailers are also carving out their market share in new and existing areas.

The shift to online retail is a trend that is expected to stick beyond the pandemic. E-commerce has several built-in advantages over traditional retail, which has

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London scientists achieve fastest ever internet speed

The massive speed increases were made possible by building customized amplifiers to boost signal power

Researchers in London have created the fastest-ever internet connection, much quicker than any ever successfully tried before.

The team at University College London (UCL) used amplifiers to enhance the way light carries digital data through fiber-optic broadband to achieve a record 178 terabits per second which are approximately three million times faster than the average UK home connection.

The connection is so fast that it would be able to download the entire Netflix library in just one second.

Dr Lidia Galdino, lecturer in electrical engineering and also a Royal Academy of Engineering research fellow has led the research team at a lab in Bloomsbury.

Galdino says that such “ultra-broadband” will be able to support the next generation of internet, while also back mobile 5G networks used by data-draining applications such as driverless cars and smart

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Researchers Just Set a New Record For The Fastest Internet Speed Ever

The internet has transformed most areas of our lives over the last few decades, and the technology keeps improving: researchers just set a new record for data transmission rates, logging an incredible speed of 178 terabits per second (Tbps).

a close up of a light

© MirageC / Moment / Getty Images

That’s around a fifth faster than the previous record, set by a team of researchers in Japan, and roughly twice as fast as the best internet available today.

With 4K movies about 15GB in size, you could download about 1,500 of them in a single second at the new speed.

This could be more than just a super-fast lab experiment too – the technology used to reach the 178 Tbps record can be added to existing optical fibre pipes relatively easily, according to the scientists behind the project.

Lidia Galdino at work. (James Tye / UCL)

Today’s internet is built on optical fibre routes

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