The Best Memes And Moments

The 2020 Emmy awards looked a little different this year.

Jimmy Kimmel presented the biggest night in TV from a lonely looking studio. Some of the nominees, like Rachel Brosnahan and Samira Wiley, wore pyjamas (no judgement here, we dig it) and winners were given the awards in their own homes rather than nervously walking up to the stage in a couture dress to give a speech in front of a daunting A-list crowd.

But one thing that remained the same? The memes.

Luckily, the 2020 awards have shown us that whichever format an awards show takes, we can still rely on celebrities to do meme-worthy things and the meme-makers at home to work their magic at impressive speed.

Here are our favourite memes from the 2020 ceremony:

The sad departure of Ramy Youssef’s potential Emmy

Thank goodness for the Ramy actor. After a disappointing evening for the comedian –

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Buying Guide: This snap on pasta strainer will be your new favorite kitchen gadget | Home & Garden



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Regular colanders do their job just fine. They strain out water from pasta or remove extra sauce from stir fried dishes. But sometimes a better mousetrap comes along—and that’s where this snap on strainer from Kitchen Gizmo comes in.

How It Works

This silicone colander from Kitchen Gizmo snaps on to most standard sized pots and pans so you can simply tip and pour out excess liquid into the sink. The compact design is perfect for working with limited counter space, and unlike traditional strainers, this silicone colander can be folded or rolled up for more compact storage.

Safe and Durable

When it comes to anything that’s touching your food, safety is the most important. This silicone pasta strainer is completely BPA-free, and the high-quality material will

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ScalaHosting review | TechRadar

ScalaHosting may not be the most familiar of web hosting names, but the company has a lot to boast about: 13 years in the business, 50,000 customers, 700,000+ websites managed and the top-rated cloud and web hosting provider on Trustpilot.

A strong range of products has something for almost everyone: shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, app hosting (WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, more), reseller plans, business email hosting, and the list goes on.

Shared plans are crammed with features. The Mini plan supports one site, and gives you 50GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, databases and emails, a free domain, SSL, free CDN, free migration, and a rolling 7 backups for the last 7 days. It’s priced at $3.95 a month on the three-year plan, $5.95 on renewal, or $5.95 if you pay annually.

Upgrading gets you more CPU resources, security monitoring, spam protection, unlimited storage and support for hosting unlimited sites, and

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Government to examine sale of computer chip design firm Arm to US company Nvidia

The Government is examining the sale of UK-based computer chip design firm Arm to US tech giant Nvidia, with Boris Johnson taking a personal interest in the deal, his spokesman said.

Earlier on Monday, it was announced that the firm is to be bought by the US graphics chip maker in a deal worth 40 billion dollars (£31.2 billion).

Nvidia has pledged to keep Arm’s headquarters in Cambridge while also promising to expand on Arm’s work to build a “world-class” technology centre.

Arm is best known as the designer of processor chips used in most major smartphones – including Apple and Samsung – as well as other devices such as laptops.

Now the Government has confirmed it will examine the deal closely in order to understand its impact on the UK and the economy.

“We recognise the vital role Arm plays in the UK’s tech sector and its significant contribution

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10 Best Manhwa To Read For Geminis

Dreams, friendships, and relationships take centerfold in these manhwa, and these would be a perfect pick for a busy bee like Geminis to read.

Geminis are busy bees. If they’re not the center of attention at a party, then they’re the top star at their job. They’re even mostly mistaken for being two-faced most of the time when they can be the sweetest people in general. For this busy bee of a zodiac sign, they are perhaps more in line with dreamers, romance, and starry-eyed characters.

RELATED: 10 Best Manhwa For Scorpios

Dreams, friendships, and relationships take centerfold in these manhwa, and these would be a perfect pick for a Gemini to read. From Socks Goblin to The Detective of Muiella, these manhwa would be a great place to begin.

10 Socks Goblin

Socks Goblin was written and illustrated by Manmulsang. Sujin has decided to venture out beyond her village

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New store selling COVID-19 prevention essentials opens for business in Manhattan

A new store in Manhattan aims to help individuals and businesses upgrade their spaces to help keep COVID-19 at bay. 

The CV19 Essential Store and “Safe Zone” Interactive Experience Center, located at 41 W 35th Street, offers a variety of products and gadgets with the purpose to protect and serve the New York City community from COVID-19. 

The store was founded by Tony Park, the owner of popular NYC Korean BBQ Samwon Garden. Like many business owners, Park had to adjust his business in order to comply with COVID-19 regulations and found his businesses struggling due to the lack of PPE. He then found and installed other CV-19 safety measures that felt imperative to him, such as UV light systems to sanitize kitchens and bathrooms, facial thermal devices to record employee and

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How To Improve Your Broadband Speed

So much of life is lived online these days, having a speedy, reliable broadband service is hugely important for most of us.

Making video calls, online gaming and watching content through streaming services have become the norm in many households. The increase in home-working is another key factor when it comes to increased broadband usage.

But what is a “good” broadband speed and, if your broadband is too slow, how do you improve it?

What types of broadband are there?

OK – here comes the science.

There are three main types of broadband in the UK – ADSL, cable and fibre.


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) uses the copper wires of your phone landline to deliver broadband to your home. It’s widely available but has limitations.

With this method, often referred to as standard broadband, the speed of your broadband will depend on how far away you live

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Scorched earth investing, a new ocean fund, and the $1.75 million elephant

By David Callaway, Callaway Climate Insights

. . . . A smoky, orange haze kicks off the beginning of autumn this morning in the Bay Area as red flag fire and evacuation warnings, forced power outages, earthquakes and high winds cast an end-of-times pall over much of California. More than two million acres have burned already this season and we haven’t even hit the October peak yet.

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You can’t blame it all on air conditioners, but the surge in energy usage as the recent heat wave (116°F. in Napa County) hit is certainly one of the reasons for the blackouts, and one of the most interesting investing opportunities for those looking on how to play the climate emergency.


Load Error

This fascinating piece in the MIT Technology Review cites a prediction by the International Energy Agency that AC units worldwide will triple to more

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Giant robotic scorpion could be the ultimate gaming computer rig

a person sitting on a chair: MailOnline logo

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It may look and move like a scorpion, but this $3,999 chair is the ultimate gaming and work station.

A US firm unveiled the Scorpion Computer Cockpit that is powered with a push of a button, allowing the user to transform the design to fit their needs.

The ‘tail’ moves from the back of the chair overhead to become a screen mount that holds up to three displays and owners can choose to sit upright or lie down to take a break.

Stretching nearly five and a half feet long, it is also equipped with a massage and heating feature so ‘can enjoy some quality time while you’re making yourself look like the ultimate villain.’

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a person sitting on a chair in front of a curtain: It may look and move like a scorpion, but this $3,999 chair is the ultimate gaming or work station. A US firm unveiled the Scorpion Computer Cockpit that is powered with a push of a button, allowing the user to transform the design to fit their needs

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It may look and move like a scorpion, but this $3,999 chair is the ultimate gaming or work station.

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