Coronavirus: Scientists develop new tool to monitor virus mutations

Scientists assessed the genome data of more than 1,20,000 samples of the novel coronavirus, and have developed a new tool to monitor mutations in the virus that may make it difficult to develop vaccines and drugs for COVID-19. According to the researchers, including those from the University of Melbourne in Australia, ensuring treatments remain effective as the virus mutates is a huge challenge for scientists across the world.

They explained that mutations in an organism’s genetic material are natural ‘errors’ in the cell replication process that may give the virus new ‘powers’ of survival, infectivity, and virulence.

The new tool, dubbed COVID-3D and described in the journal Nature Genetics, harnesses genomic and protein information about the virus and its mutations to aid drug and vaccine development.

It contains information about all the protein structures that coincide with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2’s genome, including every known genetic mutation and its resultant

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Tablet and phone cameras monitor mask-wearing and distancing in cafes and lobbies

A tech startup in the Seattle area is offering new software that it says can help businesses track whether they are COVID-safe, including monitoring for whether employees and customers are wearing masks and social distancing.

The four-year-old startup Nomad Go in Kirkland, Washington, sells software for building management — to monitor lines and speed of service, for example. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, co-founder and CEO David Greschler realized his company’s image analysis tools could be enhanced to show not only percent occupancy, but also mask compliance and if people are properly distancing.

“That data can be used by a manager or someone at the company headquarters to understand, ‘How are our spaces being used?'” Greschler explained. “Are people being compliant in terms of wearing masks, in terms of social distancing, and just in general, how many people are coming in and out of our store.”

In Greschler’s home state

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You should buy an external monitor for your laptop. You can thank us later

With working from home being the foreseeable norm for so many, there’s no reason to keep cramping yourself up on the couch with a laptop and pretending you’re getting work done efficiently. While laptops are incredibly convenient, for most of us they just aren’t enough to keep up with the demands of daily work. That’s why you need a multi-monitor setup, if you don’t have one already.


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Microsoft’s Research Center found that users can improve productivity between 9% to 50% by simply adding another monitor to their computing environment. Other studies cited in the New York Times suggest 20 to 30 percent productivity boosts, thanks to the ability to switch between applications quickly, view information and documents side-by-side, and segment the tasks you have at hand.

Not convinced by the data? Fast Company associate editor Lara Sorokanich swears by her setup. “After six months of squinting as I

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Give your kids a daily report card? Experts say parents should monitor virtual learning | Momaha

— Set up a rewards system. “Your child’s efforts to meet their daily report card goals will depend on the incentives and rewards you provide,” the center says. Allow your child to create the menu of rewards — with your approval, of course. This, the experts say, will increase their motivation to meet their goals.

Rewards can include screen time, a special treat, art time, a day off from chores and staying up 30 minutes past bedtime. In our day, we liked getting comic books for good school reports. But that was a long time ago.

— Monitor their progress. Let your child know throughout the day if they are meeting their goals. Remind them what that goal is. Be encouraging, especially if they are struggling. Keep it a positive experience.

— Praise your child. Let them know they did a great job when they have – with genuine, specific

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The best monitor arms for desk-mounting your display

If you spend any time working on your computer at a desk, a monitor arm is an essential piece of equipment that will streamline your workflow and keep your space ergonomic and tidy. Not only can an arm lift your display off a surface, freeing the desktop up for other uses and reducing wire clutter, but it also brings the screen to a comfortable height and allows you the flexibility to pivot and view it from a number of angles. Mounting your monitor on an arm also makes your space easier to clean, and the result is an undeniably sleek and integrated look without the bulky, conspicuous factory base. The best part of all is that they’re incredibly easy to install on just about every monitor out there.

a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk: Increase your desk space with a monitor arm.

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Increase your desk space with a monitor arm.

Take a look at this list of our favorite

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AI device for nursing homes can monitor elderly residents using radio waves

AI device for nursing homes can monitor elderly residents’ precise movements using radio waves and call for help if needed

  • The device bounces radio waves around a room to look at objects and movement
  • When it detects movement it bounces the signal back to the mounted sensor 
  • Artificial Intelligence analyses the data to create a constant picture of activity
  • The team say this could be used in care home to alert staff to a resident falling
  • It could also be used to help people with dementia keep track of their activities 

A radar-like tool that can track movements throughout the day without using an invasive camera could be used in care homes to alert staff if a resident falls over.

A team from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence lab say the

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How to Add a Second Monitor to Your MacBook

This is how to add a second monitor to your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or MacBook. These are all great portable computers, and when you are at the office or at home you can upgrade your productivity with a second display.

You can easily add a monitor to your MacBook to get more space to do work. This works with all MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro screen sizes, and it is a great work from home upgrade. With a monitor, you can more easily multitask, watch videos, work on big spreadsheets, and compare documents.

If you have room, you should consider adding a monitor to your MacBook. This makes working on two windows or apps at the same time easier and you can also increase the text size if you have trouble seeing or reading the screen.

Read: How to Use an iMac as a Second Monitor

You can

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Republic of Gamers unleashes world’s fastest gaming monitor

After first revealing the world’s fastest gaming monitor at CES 2020 back in January, Asus has today given full details, pricing and availability for the new ROG Swift, which boasts a 360-Hz refresh rate for “silky-smooth gameplay and ultra-realistic visuals.”

In the professional gaming world, every millisecond counts, and Asus believes that its latest envelope-pushing ROG Swift PG259QN will give top esports players an edge over the competition.

The monitor features a 24.5-inch Full HD (1.920 x 1,080) IPS panel with a 360-Hz native refresh rate (though it supports 240 Hz and 144 Hz too) and 1-ms gray-to-gray response time, 400 cd/m2 brightness, is HDR10 compatible and can display up to 16.7 million colors. It also comes with a built-in Nvidia G-Sync processor for the promise of tear- and stutter-free onscreen action without any input lag.

Asus says that click-to-response time has been shown to fall from 34.5 ms

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Grab Acer’s 24-inch 1080p monitor on sale for $100 for Costco members

The Acer K243Y bi 24-inch 1080p IPS monitor is down to $99.99 at Costco. You’ll need to be a Costco member to secure that price, otherwise Costco will charge you an extra 5%. Still, that’d be worth it at this price because the monitor normally goes for around $200. This is a unique model, but Acer has a ton of similar displays around this size with these specifications and you can see similar versions go for $200 at other retailers like Walmart.

For $100 you’re not getting the best of the best, but you’re also getting pretty darn good stuff. I really think this is a great screen if you’re someone who’s working with a tight budget for your computer build or you need a solid second monitor to use. Maybe you went all out for a primary monitor loaded with all the trimmings and just need something on the

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Cyborg: Human organs could soon merge with computers to monitor health

A new ‘cyborg-like’ technology has been developed to safely merge electronic devices with human tissue to better monitor health and track tumours.

Scientists from the University of Delaware found a way to attach devices inside a human body by connecting it to tissue using a coating that is more energy efficient. 

Connecting electronics to tissue is a ‘huge challenge’, researchers say as materials used in technology like gold and silicon cause scarring that can interrupt data flow.  

For applications inserted into muscle or brain tissue, electrical signals need to flow for them to operate properly, but scars interrupt this activity, the team explained. 

The US researchers have developed new coatings for ‘human-machine’ devices that counteract issues from scarring caused by materials used in microelectronics. 

Scientists from the University of Delaware found a way to attach devices inside a human body by connecting it to tissue using a coating that is

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