Tips to help improve broadband speed (Includes interview)

There are many frustrations from working at home, from other family members, to longer-hours and

There are many frustrations from working at home, from other family members, to longer-hours and persistent bosses. Having a slow broadband speed does not help the situation of assist with creating a calm working environment. Poor broadband is often the result of inadequate infrastructure or the consequence of an overstrethed provider of Internet services (a service that most employees are having to pay for themselves). Nonetheless, there are things that consumers can do to drive an improved broadband service.

For those undertaking remote working at home and experiencing frustration with poor connections, Nick Baker from Uswitch offers his top tips for speeding up slow broadband for Digital Journal readers.

Check your speed

Run a broadband speed test so to assess what speeds are being provided. Baker advises running this at different times during the day. If the issues needs to be raised with a provider, Baker advises taking a screenshot or a note of the result.

Update software

It is important that web browser software is up-to-date. Having the latest version of your browser can assist significantly with accelerating the way website pages load.

Position your router

Is the router is located next to other wireless devices, this will affect performance. Some wireless devices are less obvious, such as a wireless doorbell. Baker says that the router must be positioned from any other devices, located at working height and kept on at all times.


It is important to check that no other party is using the Wi-Fi network (such as a neighbour), since this will affect performance. This can be a common occurrence for those living in an apartment block.

Update firmware

It is important to check that the router firmware is the latest version. Having the correct version will further help with broadband speed.

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