Top 20 Internet Providers in Orlando, FL

Orlando residential internet coverage If you’re a native Orlandoan (or should we say Orlandocalrissian?), you’re

Orlando residential internet coverage

If you’re a native Orlandoan (or should we say Orlandocalrissian?), you’re in a good spot for internet, no matter which part of the city you live in. (And we’re not talking about Disney or Lake Buena Vista, so put away your soapbox.)

For starters, cable internet provider Spectrum blankets the entire city and most of the surrounding suburbs with coverage. So whether you prefer the brick roads of Park Lake and Highland or the walkability of Baldwin Park, you’ll have a solid internet connection.

AT&T also has widespread coverage in Orlando, so chances are your Taco and Tequila Crawl selfies actually make it through to your friend who’s stuck in a colder part of the country. (Hey, no one told them to leave the Sunshine State for the Greatest Snow on Earth!)

If you prefer the quiet of northern suburbs like Eatonville, you may be out of AT&T’s coverage area. But don’t worry—you’re still in luck because Eatonville and much of the city proper has access to fiber internet from Summit Broadband.

CenturyLink’s coverage is better on the west side compared to the southeast side of the city. It seems like the closer you get to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, the better your chances of landing one of CenturyLink’s Price for Life deals. (But thankfully you don’t need to take up residence at Hogwarts to get it.)

Xfinity is also available to much of Orlando, including neighborhoods extending all the way south to Kissimmee. But if you call College Park, Lake Eola Heights, or Hampton Park home, you may want to look for other options. Xfinity’s coverage doesn’t quite make it to northern parts of the city.

Last but not least, Cogent Communications beams internet connections to a very limited area, smack dab in the middle of the city. This includes Callahan, Lake Eola Heights, and Lake Cherokee.



Highest-rated internet service providers in Orlando

Speeds and prices are two ways to compare internet providers, but what about customer service and overall performance?

Many of the internet providers in the Orlando area are included in our 2020 customer satisfaction survey, which gives us insight into how customers really feel about their ISPs. While most of the providers available in Orlando ranked near the middle of the pack, a couple stand out.

  • EarthLink got the highest overall satisfaction score, and it came in first in six of eight categories.
  • Xfinity came in fifth overall in our satisfaction survey, but it ranked first in customer satisfaction with internet speed.

Some providers, like Cogent Communications, haven’t received a rating yet. But you could still get an idea of what to expect if you talk to your neighbors and friends who use the service.


Fastest internet service providers in Orlando

AT&T offers internet at speeds up to 1000 Mbps

CenturyLink offers internet at speeds up to 1000 Mbps

Xfinity offers internet at speeds up to 1000 Mbps

EarthLink offers internet at speeds up to 1000 Mbps

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