10 Best Manhwa To Read For Geminis

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Dreams, friendships, and relationships take centerfold in these manhwa, and these would be a perfect pick for a busy bee like Geminis to read.

Geminis are busy bees. If they’re not the center of attention at a party, then they’re the top star at their job. They’re even mostly mistaken for being two-faced most of the time when they can be the sweetest people in general. For this busy bee of a zodiac sign, they are perhaps more in line with dreamers, romance, and starry-eyed characters.

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Dreams, friendships, and relationships take centerfold in these manhwa, and these would be a perfect pick for a Gemini to read. From Socks Goblin to The Detective of Muiella, these manhwa would be a great place to begin.

10 Socks Goblin

Socks Goblin was written and illustrated by Manmulsang. Sujin has decided to venture out beyond her village and head out to the Four Seasons.

There, she meets a lot of mythical creatures, including one named the Sock Monster, and befriends it as she meets new friends and creatures on her journey. For the adventurous Gemini, this manhwa is the perfect place to begin.

9 Heesu in Class 2

Heesu in Class 2 was written and illustrated by Lily. Heesu is in love with his best friend Chanyoung, but he doesn’t even notice his feelings. He simply cheers on his friend and gives him love adviceーbut for some reason, this turns into a huge thing among his school.

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It turns out that Heesu gains the nickname “Heesu in Class 2” and everyone goes to him for love advice. But what can Heesu do with other’s love advice if he can’t even get his own crush to turn his way? This manhwa is more for the shy Gemini, as everyone does not wish to be the center of attention.

8 Between Two Lips

Between Two Lips was written and illustrated by TEN-KEI. This manhwa follows a brave princess who attempts to take the king’s life for unknown reasons.

However, after the princess’s attempt fails and she marries off into a royal family, she discovers that her fiancé is not the man she thought he was, and the king she tried to kill turns out to be nicer than she thought.

7 Divine Bells

Divine Bells was written and illustrated by Hye Lee. Divine Bells are items that choose their masters, as well as entities that determine one’s status and influence of who their masters rule.

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However, when the owners of three of these Divine Bells perish and the eight Divine Bells die, then what will happen to them?

6 The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion was written by Milcha and illustrated by Whale. Raeliana is a character who has the unfortunate fate of being poisoned by her fiancéeーand a woman has the fate of being reborn as her in this mysterious world.

To curb her fate, she decides to become the fiancée of Duke Noah Wynknight so she can live. However, she ends up falling in love with him, as does he.

5 The Detective Of Muiella

The Detective Of Muiella was written by Kiarne and illustrated by Sol. In Muiella, a country where warlocks and witches are ignored, Kate is a maid at the Baron estate.

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When a servant named Ian is hired to work beside her, she quickly notices the oddities about him. It’s up to Kate to find out who Ian truly isーas a detective, of course.

4 When You’re Targeted By The Bully

When You’re Targeted By The Bully was written by Day7 and illustrated by Cheddar. Kim Yeondoo is an average high school girl who becomes the unfortunate target of bullying by her former friend and stalker in the application KakaoTalk.

To curb this obsession, she takes a photo of a random man and posts him as her profile picture to pose as her boyfriend, but unbeknownst to her, he’s the scariest bully in school.

3 Lady Baby

Lady Baby was written by Haeon Ju and illustrated by Pingmin. The protagonist, named Calliope, is killed during war and sent back in time to when she was a baby, in fact.

Now an infant, Calliope decides to grow up with the intelligence she gained as an adult and stop her family from being murdered.

2 Beware Of The Red Thread

Beware Of The Red Thread was written by Cumin and illustrated by Cheon-jian. In this manhwa, the main heroine ends up falling inside a reverse harem novel.

She decides to not bring any attention to herself,  but it turns out that the destiny of everyone inside of the novel is twisted.

1 My Life As An Internet Novel

My Life As An Internet Novel was written by Han-ryeo Yu and illustrated by Ah-hyeon. Dani awakens in a world where she has a beautiful best friendーbut it turns out that she’s the main heroine, Yeoryung’s, best friend, and she is simply a supporting character in a web novel.

She decides to not interact with the characters, but is unable to ignore them and befriends them. However, the longer she stays in the web novel world, the more twisted it becomes.

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