A complete guide about the Pros and Cons of Zonbase

Hellen Wadman

A complete guide about the Pros and Cons of Zonbase

Before introducing third-party software packages, selling on Amazon entailed a slew of time-consuming and labor-intensive procedures. Independent product research was required of sellers, as was the never-ending search for relevant keywords to increase conversions. You should know about the Pros and Cons of Zonbase.

Thankfully, Amazon seller tools now allow vendors to automate their operations. The Zonbase software suite is currently one of the most popular markets. Thousands of vendors remark that ZonBase will avoid hours of research and guesswork.

What exactly is ZonBase?

ZonBase is an Amazon seller’s all-in-one software package. Lewis Civin and Kevin David launched the software in 2019. It provides a comprehensive set of 13+ seller tools to help sellers automate their business procedures. As a result, new sellers are typically hesitant to invest in the program since they are unsure of its potential value.

Its toolkit includes, among other things, product research, keyword research, and listing improvement. Many merchants who have tried the software and seen results have left positive reviews online. On the other hand, sellers who do not believe in the effectiveness of their instruments have inundated the internet with negative assertions.

What Services Does ZonBase Provide?

  • Tools for Product Research

ZonBase provides four different product research tools. These tools collaborate to generate profitable product ideas and validate your product possibilities. ZonResearch will provide you with access to Amazon’s bestselling product database. The Hot Products feature will assist you in locating the trendiest products on Amazon and reliable sellers from which to purchase them. You also get a Chrome Extension that gives you access to essential product information to assess your profit potential.

  • Keyword Research Instruments

If you want to outrank your competitors and earn sales on Amazon, you need to be visible. However, choosing the best keywords through trial and error is impossible, which is where ZonBase comes in. You may find fresh, relevant keywords that convert with ZonBase’s keyword research tools. Unlike other software, these solutions deliver precise keywords that will increase your conversions and ranking in a short period.

  • Automated PPC Campaigns and Listing Optimization

The listing and PPC tools of ZonBase are designed to get you on page one of Google in no time. The software also provides listing optimization and PPC automation services completed for you. Instead, sellers would hire a team of Amazon professionals to optimize their listings and automate their PPC campaigns.

Additional Benefits/Features

  • How-to movies that walk you through each tool and make the software simple to use.
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that you don’t run into any problems.
  • There is a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure openness.
  • Plans that are affordable for sellers on a tight budget.


All of the standard features are included in the blueprints. However, if you choose the mentorship and done-for-you packages, you will have to pay additional expenses.

Final thoughts

ZonBase is a fantastic tool for sellers who want to put their business on autopilot and increase conversions. Despite its youth, it stands shoulder to shoulder with the industry’s titans. This is due to its powerful combination of features, which has assisted thousands of sellers in growing their businesses. The effectiveness of ZonBase’s tools is demonstrated by its review posts. ZonBase’s plans are flexible and economical when it comes to price. Unlike other expensive tools that excel in specific areas, ZonBase provides overall value.

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