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Computer systems vary in power, portability, and performance, and when buying a computer, you need to establish your key requirements to ensure you make the right choice. Consider whether you most favor power and upgradability or convenience and portability. Perhaps you need a new computer with a small footprint, or maybe you need a system that can handle running multiple, high-demand processes simultaneously. Whether you’re looking for an everyday desktop for general family use, a gaming rig for the budding esports champion, or a high-end workstation with RAID and EEC RAM, Newegg has the computer system for you.

Desktop Computer Systems Are Powerful Workhorses

Desktop computer systems are the best option as a powerful machine within a dedicated workspace. While not easily portable,
desktop computers offer a superior work, movie, or gaming experience because they either come bundled with, or can be paired with, larger monitors, for better viewing. Whether for work or gaming, desktops are a smart choice as they’re easily upgradable and customizable. You can switch out or upgrade internal components to accommodate increased resource demands and to future-proof your machine.

Laptops Offer Portability and Convenience

laptops aren’t as readily upgradable as PCs, they make up for this with their easy portability. Some laptops often match or rival desktops in terms of power, memory, and capabilities, all in one small, lightweight package. For super-lightweight convenience, a Chromebook is a solid choice. If you regularly work outside of the office, a quality laptop gives you the power of a desktop in a compact footprint. Some models take convenience one step further by doubling as a tablet, for those times when you need touchscreen capabilities without the encumbrance of a keyboard.

All-In-Ones Provide Space-Saving Computing

All-In-One computer systems have a space-saving design, with the components all housed within the monitor or monitor base, so if you’re shopping for a new computer but desk space is at a premium, an all-in-one is the answer. They’re easy to set up, too, with few cables and plug-and-play convenience. Should you need to increase storage, you can simply add an external hard drive or opt for cloud storage.

Workstation Systems Deliver High-End, Professional Computing

Workstation computer systems are more powerful than most standard desktops. They’re better-equipped to accommodate high-demand tasks like animation, video production, and CAD. Workstations are built to out-perform other machines and to run demanding processes for extended periods. You’ll find many workstations feature error-correcting code memory, or ECC RAM, for increased reliability; multi-core processors for enhanced processing capabilities; and high-end graphics processing units (GPUs) to reduce load on the central processing unit (CPU). Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) is commonplace in workstation computer systems, and refers to using multiple drives for data processing and storage, and mirrored RAID functionality protects your data, so if one drive fails, the other retains your data.

Apple computers vs. Windows 10 computers

When looking into with operating system to go with, first think about the reasons you need a computer. Do you need a computer for video editing? Or do you need a computer for basic web browsing and view online media? Video games are also a factor to consider when choosing since some games are not compatible with Apple Computers. Also, be thinking about if you need a laptop or a desktop. Are you looking for long battery life in a laptop? Or are you a gamer who’s looking for Gaming setups? For gamers, programs like NVidia’s GeForce Experience and AMD’s Radeon Software will work best on Windows 10 PCs. Cost is also a factor when looking into operating systems. Most Apple computers are more on the luxury expensive side and Windows 10 computers are usually more affordable and budget-friendly.
If CPU processors are a determining factor for you, then obtaining a Windows 10 computer with CPUs such as the Intel i3, i7, i5, or even AMD Ryzen is cost-efficient. Most Apple computer cases are made of aluminum, giving the design of Apple Macs a very unique look and feel. The Apple MacBook laptops also carry the same kind of visual aesthetics as the desktops. Some great Windows laptops such as the HP Spectre, the Dell Inspiration, or the Lenovo ThinkPad are great for quick video editing projects, web browsing, and even PC Gaming.

Choosing between Business Computers & Personal Computers

Business Computers are best for essential applications such as Microsoft Office. Basic Office products include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and more. Personal computers are more for browsing the internet, reading news, or even using non-stressful applications. If you are planning on using more demanding software like Adobe Photoshop or playing PC games, looking into the latest CPU processors would best. You don’t necessarily need high-end processors for business computers, but having a high-speed processor will make running your applications much faster and easier. Some good Laptop choices include ASUS Vivobook, Acer Aspire or even a Chromebook for normal web browsing.

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