Top 25 Internet Providers in Columbus, OH

Hellen Wadman

What is the best internet provider in Columbus?

Spectrum is the best internet provider in Columbus, OH. It has a wide range of prices and speeds, a highly dependable network, and vast coverage area across Columbus and the surrounding suburbs.

There are 22 internet providers in Columbus, and Spectrum has the widest availability out of all of them, stretching across almost the entire state of Ohio. Spectrum gives you a lot of options as far as speed and price, and its network runs over coaxial cables—which is second only to fiber in terms of reliability and speed.

AT&T is also a formidable internet option for Columbusites seeking Wi-Fi in the Arch City. AT&T delivers two kinds of internet: DSL and fiber. DSL will be great if you don’t want to pay too much money and aren’t picky about speed.

Fiber, on the other hand, is really rare but much better. AT&T’s Internet 1000 plan, which runs over fiber, costs only $49.99 for the first 12 months and delivers 940 Mbps download speeds. That’s ten times faster than DSL’s max speeds and cheaper than Spectrum’s gigabit plan.

The reason we still consider Spectrum the best is because fiber is so hard to find. We ran a search for dozens of residences in Columbus and only found a handful at which AT&T’s fiber service was available. One residence we looked up in the 43220 area code could get it, but other homes a mile or two away could get only DSL plans with speeds of 25–75 Mbps.

Another intriguing option is WOW!, a lesser-known, Colorado–based internet provider that has cable coverage across Columbus. WOW! delivers speeds on par with Spectrum but with lower prices and more incentives (like free installation).

CenturyLink and Frontier also provide DSL internet in Columbus. CenturyLink’s coverage centers around the middle of the city, while Frontier has coverage on the outskirts of town. Both of these are worthwhile options if you’re looking to save money on a cheaper Wi-Fi plan.

HughesNet and Viasat, meanwhile, are satellite internet providers. Satellite is far from the best option—at least for now. But it’ll get you the internet you need if you live in a rural village like Galena or Sunbury or the surrounding countryside where fiber, cable, and DSL aren’t always available.

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